To achieve excellence in Research Development and Technology..


At TECHRISE VISIONARIES TECHNICAL CLUB, we are dedicated to fostering a culture of relentless innovation, rigorous research, and entrepreneurial spirit within the Noida International University's School of Engineering and Technology. Our mission is to empower aspiring technologists with the knowledge, skills, and mindset to revolutionize industries, drive meaningful research endeavors, and embark on entrepreneurial ventures that shape the future of technology


At Techrise Visionaries, we offer you an unparalleled opportunity to stay updated on the ever-evolving tech landscape. Our club is a hub of knowledge, innovation, and hands-on experience. Techrise offers a range of tech-focused experiences:
1. International Conference
2. International Research Conclave
3. International and National Seminars
4. Research
5. Projects
6. Patents
7. Consultancies